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Mitigating climate change for sustainable business advancement

Mitigating climate change for sustainable business advancement

Implementing policies, strategies and plans that help mitigate climate change at GreenLand is key to making it possible for our business group to develop and be sustainable starting now. This is done by making proper use of and caring for our environmental resources which are, and will continue to be, essential for human life.

On this basis, we know how important it is to have our Group lead initiatives aimed at creating awareness, education, and training our communities, and the company itself, about mitigating climate change, adapting to its, reducing its effects, and early warning signs, because, as we know, this enemy is impacting every country in the world due to the large concentrations of carbon dioxide, and this has had an impact on the economies and the lives of every inhabitant on Earth.

This is why the United Nations has made a special appeal calling for companies to take “urgent steps to deal with climate change in order to save lives and means of subsistence.” This is why, in Greenland, we have been working in every area and business to implement effective institutional actions to help mitigate climate change and applying innovative technologies to enable us to carry on with our business and, at the same time, reduce their impact.

We have been working on this internally from our group, and with the communities in our areas of influence, to reinforce education and raise awareness among our employees, with young men, women, and children, to show the importance of preserving environmental resources. The main thrusts have been preserving ecosystems, flora, fauna, water resources, appropriate waste disposal, circular economy and, in general, good environmental practices in our everyday activities.

In Greenland we are convinced that, through education on these issues and good practices by the business group, we help mitigate climate change and set an example in terms of policies, strategies, and plans to help preserve the environment as a key factor for the development of our business and the world economy.